Azrene Ahmad says the High Court’s decision to convict her mother, Rosmah Mansor, needs to be respected. (Facebook pic)

'The court made the right decision' - Rosmah's daughter says the court decision should be respected

Just last week, Rosmah was released on RM2 million bail after a session court sentenced Rosmah to 10 years in prison and an RM970 million fine. As of now, the wife of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is awaiting an appeal.

It didn’t take long for one of her family members to speak about the matter.

Rosmah’s daughter from her previous marriage before Najib, Azrene Ahmad took to her Instagram account on the same day of the conviction (September 1) and to everyone’s surprise, she’s on board with the court’s decision.

“The court has arrived at yet another decision. To me, they have arrived, once again, at the right decision.”

In her Instagram post, Azrene made it clear that the court’s decision should be respected and people should let the matters proceed with the flow. Azrene is also believed to have been estranged from Rosmah and said that she had faced hardships over the past 4 years. 

She added that we need to trust the facts and the judiciary’s ability to arrive upon its judgment unencumbered and unafraid.

Despite her relationship with Rosmah, Azrene said that she will always be truthful regardless of how tough the situation may be.

“I will always be truthful, no matter how difficult and unpalatable it will be to digest, no matter if the knees want to buckle or the animal instinct of flight or fight sets in.”

Of course, as a daughter, she can only, and will always keep her parents in her prayers.

“I will hope for the best, even when I expect the worst.”


Do you agree with Azrene’s take on the matter? Rosmah’s lawyer also revealed that the appeal process may take up to 6 months, so stay tuned for more updates!

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